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PART 2: How do soil organisms affect soil?


Soil organisms play an essential role in the breakdown of organic matter and other complex molecules. These activities are also linked to processes that lead to the aggregation of soil particles into a friable soil structure that is beneficial for the growth of plants. The inter-connected activities of soil organisms improve soil stability and underpin nutrient cycling on a global scale.

Part 2 covers the chemical and physical processes associated with the activity of soil organisms including: (i) in nutrient cycling; (ii) in degrading complex molecules such as pesticides and chemicals that may contaminate the environment, and (iii) in soil stabilisation and other soil physical processes.

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  • What are soil organisms, how do they help soil fertility?


  • Which elements are essential for plant health and which may be toxic to plants?


  • How do soil physical properties affect water movement and nutrient uptake through the plant roots?
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