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This book was inspired by farmers and students who have been prepared to explore ideas and processes which underpin the functioning of global biogeochemical processes related to soil fertility. I am most grateful to students in my soil science and soil microbiology classes since 1986 at The University of Western Australia, to the farmers and others who participated in many soil biology workshops, to members of ERA (WA), and to the Kondinin Group which facilitated the establishment of the Australian Soil Club.

Financial support during the early stages of preparation of this book was contributed by the Grains Research and Development Corporation, the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation, The University of Western Australia (Faculty of Agriculture Bequest Funds), and the Centre for Legumes in Mediterranean Agriculture. All are acknowledged with gratitude.

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  • What are soil organisms, how do they help soil fertility?


  • Which elements are essential for plant health and which may be toxic to plants?


  • How do soil physical properties affect water movement and nutrient uptake through the plant roots?
  • Soils are Alive!

    • The complete soil health reference for farmers, consultants and researchers