Welcome to the Australian Soil Club

The Australian Soil Club has been established to develop a national network of land managers and others interested in increasing their knowledge of soils and sustainable land management practices.

We invite all those interested in learning more about soils to register at the club's website and benefit from the sharing of information between land owners and researchers. Members will have access to the latest information and research into physical, chemical and biological aspects of soils.

The club is an initiative of Kondinin Group and Professor Lyn Abbott from the School of Earth and Environment at The University of Western Australia.

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  • What are soil organisms, how do they help soil fertility?


  • Which elements are essential for plant health and which may be toxic to plants?


  • How do soil physical properties affect water movement and nutrient uptake through the plant roots?
  • Soils are Alive!

    • The complete soil health reference for farmers, consultants and researchers